Dr CJ Drake

Compassionate Care from an Experienced Psychologist

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, trauma, or depression, I am here to help you. Hi, I am Dr. CJ Drake, a licensed psychologist. I am a knowledgeable therapist with over three decades of experience. I understand that every client has unique experiences and challenges. Therefore, I will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your specific circumstances and needs. My work has enabled numerous clients to overcome difficulties and accomplish their theraputic goals.

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My Approach

I believe in the importance of utilizing evidence-based practices in psychotherapy. To provide the best possible care to our clients, I regularly keep myself up-to-date with the latest research and techniques. For the treatment process, I use cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and more to help you develop new skills to live more happily. I seek to create a safe, supportive environment to ensure effective therapy. I understand that seeking treatment can be a vulnerable experience. I approach each session with empathy and non-judgmental compassion to support your theraputic journey.

Create the Change You Desire

I offer 50-minute telehealth sessions tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. I prioritize confidentiality and aim to foster a sense of trust and openness with my clients. As a therapy provider, I offer a compassionate and understanding presence throughout your therapeutic journey. Moreover, I prioritize evidence-based positive outcomes through individualized, collaborative care.

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Dr CJ Drake

Dr CJ Drake Licensed Clinical Psychologist